Why should I hire you? - 10 Answers

March 18, 2018

Whenever you are going through the interview rounds, you would have to answer the question ‘Among the talent candidates, tell us why we should recruit you?’ This question might seem ridiculous, but you can’t stop the panel from asking the usual question. So, if you think you’re going to fumble, then here are some ways on how you could give your answer.


>> You could simply say that it’s a great question and that you would be an asset to the organization. While you’re learning more about the organization, convince the interviewers that you are the appropriate person to deal with issues. You may also present how you had dealt with issues in the earlier company.

>> Once the time comes to answer, then you can speak more about the experience working with the management team. Moreover, you can tell the panel about the softwares you have worked on. Apart from the growth plan, you can stress on your strengths as you would be taking up the role.
>> If you are in a call center, then you could speak about your performance and what you actually did to enhance customer service. Besides, you could elaborate on how you strengthen relationships with customers and prospects. There wouldn’t be anything to worry because you have the relevant experience and the skills.

>> When you face the question put forth by the team at a manufacturing company, you could simply say that you have an understanding of every aspect. While you would try your best, you would be willing to learn from experiences. You could also assure the interviewers that they won’t repent even if they have taken a big decision.

>> As you think about the answer, you could say that you have got an opportunity to play a role that’s closer to the assignment you had dreamt. You should be confident while you speak out. Moving ahead, you could state that the background matches the strategy interviewers have in mind.

>> As you acknowledge the tough question, you could say that you work in a different way and you fearless to take up any challenge. Based on the conversation, you have got an idea of what you would be doing and how you could be helpful to the team members.

>> In case you have applied for the position of a project manager, then you elaborate more on your experiences and project management skills. When you were working with the previous company, you can present the track record of managing multiple projects at the same time. You could be bold to tell on how you met the deadlines and manage everything within the budget.

>> An answer to the question could be straightforward saying that you like building a rapport with the team and focusing more on the workflow and the company’s philosophy. This actually helped you to stay productive and speed up things at a faster rate. Within a few months, you were also able to suggest what can be streamlined and improved in the existing process. This would show your willingness to learn everything quickly from the time you join the company. You wouldn’t find it difficult to mingle with different people and know more about new systems, and the protocols the company follows.

>> As soon as you confront the question, ‘Why should I hire you?’, you can state the company’s capacity of balancing exponential growth and workload. This actually brings in a challenge of doing things in the best possible way. You were also delighted to develop the skills and manage everything effectively. You really didn’t crib about anything even when you had to work beyond office hours. Rather than perceiving everything as burden, you actually immersed yourself and thought as if you were working for the company. This can be a good answer, but you would be turning back the question to the HR professional in a smart way. Way beyond, you would need a little bit of practice to frame your sentences and ultimately create an impact.

>> If you are scared and groping for words, then ask if you the interviewers doubt about the skills. At this instance, you have to stay calm and rely on nonverbal clues. In case the panel reverts by saying that you are the appropriate person, then there’s no problem. But, if he perceives that you don’t have enough technical knowledge, then you could thank him and send across a note soon after the interview.

If you are fresher and going for an interview for the first time, then you could go through some blogs and gather some tips.