Improve Employee Onboarding Process with these Steps

January 28, 2018

If you’re thinking about ways to improve the onboarding process, then it might be a daunting task, especially when the HR team is busy in managing other activities. Beyond anything else, the onboarding program should always be easy. Once the process is simplified, it can help to create a good impression for the new employees as well as those who have delivered exceptional performance. But, while you are ready to make improvements, you should know that the onboarding process differs depending on the skill set and the goals. So, let’s look at the steps in which you can make the entire process perfect.


Automate whatever you can

Typically, a new employee onboarding process might not be that exciting as you imagine. But, if you automate form filling, and impart knowledge on policies and training through videos, then it can alleviate the burden substantially. The organization can proceed with a different outlook when you observe that a new employee doesn’t prefer sitting at a desk and filling up different forms. Much before the first day, you can send across the forms through an email and finish off with the paperwork. Once everything is done well in advance, you can focus more on the different aspects of onboarding. If the person has to go through many training modules, then you can allow him to access the digital content on his smartphone. This would motivate the individual to learn more about the project at any point in time and from the comfort of his home. He would surely find a convenient way to learn everything as he starts to manage his professional and personal life.

Do something special

In case you are tech-savvy, then you can always think about a great way to welcome new employees. A collaboration tool can be used to send personalized gifts a week prior to the first day. This conveys that the management team is extremely excited to have them as a part of the company. Moreover, you can also send an agenda for the first day along with the gift. This might sound weird to you, but sending a gift actually helps to enhance the employee morale. Ultimately, the message can keep mystery away when individuals know what they can expect on the first day.

Ease the anxiety

Whenever a new employee is about to join the office, there are many ways in which you can make the individual feel comfortable. As an HR executive, you can insist the receptionist to escort him from the door to the office. Moreover, you can introduce the person with the team members and hand over the company’s roster with the extension numbers. Request someone to set up the workstation much before the new employee arrives. While these tasks in the new employee onboarding process may not matter to you, they help in assuring the individual that the company is happy to recruit him.

Make everything interactive

Once you have ushered the individual to his desk, you could speak more about the job role and culture. For making them aware about the culture, you can allow them to use managed cloud business solutions. Besides, to be a bit more active and be familiar with the jargon, you can also offer the employee user- generated content marketing solutions. Moving ahead, you should always be ahead and let the individuals understand what the management team expects from him.

Promote employee bonding

While the employee is mingling within the team, you can request the individual to use an onboarding software. This would help him to raise questions, and seek answers once the team members go through the questions. Once you start following the method, it helps to maximize employee retention and instill a sense of unity. Additionally, you can allow the employee to use a workplace social app for having a chat on different topics.

Finally, you should always make the employee understand what can make him successful anytime during the onboarding process. It’s essential to provide a structured approach and help them learn about the role. Once you take the professional through the induction program, you can emphasize on goals and the key performance indicators. You can also have a lengthy conversation regarding the promotion criteria, performance appraisal forms, and the resources they can use to attain success. You can also explain the process through which they can escalate matters to the management team.