Video Interview tips for Candidates

October 13, 2018

In today’s world, the interview experience is bound to change. While a face to face interview has been popular, there’s a huge probability that video interviews would become a norm. For some people, this might not seem anything different. But for others, it might be little daunting when he or she is facing the camera and staring at the HR executive. So, as you look forward for that day, you should follow some video interview tips and ensure that nothing goes wrong. Settle inside a quiet room While you’re preparing yourself for the interview, you should look for a quiet room. Ensure that you switch off your mobile phone and limit the distractions around you. Consider what would look great on the screen. Usually, the backdrop should be neutral and not cluttered. This tip would certainly help you focus and think what questions have to be asked.


Check for lighting

As you are inside the room, you should ensure whether the room is well-lit. If you plan to record the interview, then think about shooting it outdoors or around a space illuminated by natural light. Make sure that the face is clearly visible. A shadow or glare would ruin the reflection as you sit in front of the screen.

Exude professionalism

As you groom yourself for a face-to-face interview, you should wear formal clothes. You shouldn’t have a casual outlook just because you are behind the screen. You may opt for wearing casual outfits, but that wouldn’t impress the person who is taking the interview.

Maintain eye contact

Even though you may be tempted to look directly, you should ensure that you look at the camera. Rather than positioning the camera somewhere else, be careful in setting up the camera at a certain angle. In case you don’t look in the eyes of the HR executive, then it might appear that you’re not paying attention. Moreover, maintaining eye contact is essential because it engages the viewer and reflects the confidence.

Test equipment thoroughly

If you are going to take the video interview through a laptop, then make sure that it’s completely charged. Much before the interview, you should also check the microphone, camera and the internet connection. In case you are recording the interview at the end of every response, then don’t forget to click ‘stop’. This would actually drive away the fear and portray your confidence till the end.

Be focused

Close each and every program that’s running on the system. You also need to log off from social networking sites or else the notifications might distract you. On the whole, you need to minimize the distractions or disruptions while the interview is taken.

Be presentable

Once you relax in your chair, you should project yourself naturally and be enthusiastic in answering the questions. You could probably smile at instances when the questions are asked. Make sure the camera captures the view right above the shoulders. While you continue to keep the viewer engaged, you should always move your hands just for expressing yourself. You could also nod your head off and on as the interaction proceeds.

Jot down points

Note down points during the interview only when it’s required. If you have the answers written down on a piece of paper, then you should keep the paper aside. Rather than reading directly, you could go for cue cards and simply glance at them quickly.

Control nervousness

If you’re scared to face the screen, then you should stay calm and never show that you’re nervous. Twirling your hair, touching your face or tapping fingers may distract the HR executive and show that you’re not confident. Besides, you shouldn’t hold your chin because it might be perceived in a different way. To sum it up, self-control is one of the video interview tips that shouldn’t be ignored.

Optimize posture

Normally, the interviewer may not be able to see the lower body or how the legs have been placed. But, it’s necessary to sit upright and keep your back straight. You should take the support of the table and lean forward or recline far back. In case the upper body is not covered within the frame, then consider adjusting the chair.

Practice before the final day

Finally, you should practice and play around with different options. You should also take many factors into consideration whenever you are choosing a webcam. Always think about an optimal webcam set-up when you have mounted the webcam above the laptop screen. Brighten up the backdrop with at least two full-spectrum bulbs on either side of you. Once the light is across your face, you would appear fresh and nothing would look gloomy.