Writing Rejection Letter after Interview

October 2, 2018

Informing an applicant that he or she hasn’t cleared the interview rounds, is something that you might fumble to speak out. So, whenever you are drafting a rejection letter, you must ensure that it is brief, and to the point. Regardless of what might happen, the candidate is bound to get disappointed. But, make him feel better, you must offer a well-written rejection letter. So, if you don’t know how to proceed, then you must scroll ahead.

When it comes to writing a basic rejection letter, you should always use the company’s letterhead. In case you can’t find the letterhead, then it’s better to create one with the company’s logo right at the top.


As you try to keep the body as short as possible, you should be polite in what you want to convey. Ensure that the entire letter is not more than one or two paragraphs. Do make a note that the candidate might feel anxious to hear from your end. So, as you draft the rejection letter after the interview, you should be straightforward and be clear of what you wish to tell the applicant.

As you start off, you should address the candidate by his or her name. The candidate’s name should appear in the salutation. In case you are not sure about the spelling, then you can refer the candidate’s resume and check the name.

Before noting down everything that’s in your mind, you should always thank the candidate for going through the interview rounds. For instance, you can simply write ‘Thank you for showing your interest with a particular position at XYZ company. We are also glad that you could set aside time for the interview process.’

Soon after thanking the candidate, you should note down the final decision. Rather than being writing a lengthy paragraph, you should simply say that the management team is unfortunate to moving ahead with the application at this point in time.

As you continue ahead, you should include certain qualities of the candidate. Do let the individual know that he well-qualified and it was tough to make a decision for the position. You could simply say ‘We were impressed with the experience as well as the educational background. But, it was really tough to decide due to the applications we received.’

In the end, you should finish off with a salutation and your signature. Later, you can insert the letter in an envelope with a ‘Thank You’ note. Try sending the rejection letter as soon as you have appointed someone else for the post. Once the applicant receives the letter, they would be free to apply for other positions.

To be a bit more frank, you can write ‘On behalf of XYZ Co., I thank you for attending the interview rounds. Wishing you all the best for everything you wish to pursue. Sincerely, ’. You may also include the contact details so that the applicant can connect with you and seek answers to his questions.

Some details you can include in the rejection letter after the interview

If the applicant had delivered a presentation, then you can also appreciate the efforts he had taken. This would not only enhance confidence but also encourage him to move further with the job search. For instance, you could simply state ‘I was really impressed the way you delivered the presentation.’ Besides, you could also say ‘I was impressed with the knowledge you shared about the industrial segment and the current trends.’

While you are polite, you could note down ‘We have received 67 applications for the post. You were well-qualified just like others and we could have taken you for the role’.

Finally, you can suggest what kind of an individual you were seeking. It’s always better to say that the candidate should have attended training programs or attained a few certificates. This may eventually help the candidate to know more about how he can enhance his profile and how he should proceed with the job search. You could frame the sentences like ‘After gaining some experience in the field, we hope that you would apply once again. We would surely be delighted to work with you as you develop your skills years ahead.’